Due to extensive building work from June 26th which includes the removal of our disabled wheelchair ramp and all downstairs toilet facilities. Here at the Picturedrome we understand the importance of the correct access and facilities for our disabled patrons and the outcome of this extensive building work will include new user-friendly wheelchair access and brand new toilet facilities. The work also brings access to another downstairs screen widening the choice of films for wheelchair users. We regret that during this time we will have no wheelchair access or any downstairs toilet facilities. This is only a short term problem and we hope to have all access and facilities up and running as soon as we possibly can. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to any of our patrons.

Foreign Events

  • The Unknown Girl (La fille inconnue)

    Rising French actor Adèle Haenel (Water Lilies, Les Combattants) stars as Jenny Davin, a talented doctor who refuses to open the door to a mysterious late-night caller. The next morning, she learns that the caller was a girl who has been found dead, and that the police have no way of identifying her. Shocked and guilt-stricken, Jenny resolves to discover the name of the young girl so that she will not be buried anonymously. Playing intelligently with the traits of traditional detective drama, The Unknown Girl is another characteristically engaging social commentary from the two-time Palme d'Or winning Dardenne brothers - and a morally astute and compelling investigation of personal responsibility, justice and compassion.

    "Another quietly powerful masterpiece… A Wholly gripping narrative told with understated eloquence." Saskia Baron, The Arts Desk

    Language: French with English subtitles

    Starring:Adèle Haenel, Olivier Bonnaud, Jérémie Renier
    Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
    Running Time:113 mins
    Book Now >12th February 2018 8:00PM
    Distributor:Curzon Artificial Eye
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  • From the Land of the Moon

    Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard) comes from a small village in the South of France, at a time when her dream of true love is considered scandalous, and even a sign of insanity. Her parents decide to marry her to José, an honest and loving Spanish farm worker who they think will make a respectable woman of her. Despite José’s devotion to her, Gabrielle vows that she will never love José and lives like a prisoner bound by the constraints of conventional post-World War II society. That is until the day she is sent away to the Alps to heal her kidney stones. There she meets André Sauvage (Louis Garrel), a dashing injured veteran of the Indochinese War, who rekindles the passion buried inside her. She promises they will run away together, and André seems to share her desire. Will anyone dare rob her of her right to follow her dreams? "Like a Madame Bovary updated to the 20th century, Gabrielle (Cotillard) is a romantic country girl from a well-off family, and she is consumed with sexual desire. In this romantic character study by Nicole Garcia, Cotillard's performance is luminous throughout, enriching the willful heroine with the depth of a single obsession." The Hollywood Reporter

    Starring:Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel
    Running Time:120 mins
    Book Now >12th March 2018 8:00PM